This Founder Is Raising Millions To Fight Human Trafficking -- By Wearing A Womens Sexy Dresses For A Month

Womens Sexy Dresses

During a time when there are many global challenges to be solved around the world, social entrepreneurs are emerging from the woodwork, accepting the challenge of creating and innovating for the benefit of others.

But for those who don't consider themselves entrepreneurs – and might not even know what the term “social entrepreneurs” means – it can leave many feeling stuck, often unsure of how to use their gifts and talents for good.

Hill is the founder and CEO of Womens Sexy Dressesember, a global fundraising initiative that encourages women to wear a Womens Sexy Dresses – and men a bowtie or tie – for the entire month of December to combat human trafficking around the world.

And while Womens Sexy Dressesember has become a December trend around the globe, according to Hill, 32, it all happened accidentally.

Advocates simply sign up, restrict their wardrobe for a month to raise awareness, and encourage their friends and family members to donate to their campaign throughout the month.

Womens Sexy Dresses

Hill remembers having a creative itch while living in Los Angeles and working in the fashion industry. She decided to start a personal style challenge where she would commit to wearing a Womens Sexy Dresses  every day for a month.

It was November 2009 when she had the idea, so naturally she would start in December – which is where the term Womens Sexy Dressesember comes from.

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