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Original Title: The Squeeze

Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Romance,Thriller







































A mysterious black box spells danger to a con man and female detective.
His ex-wife asks the unsuccessful gambler and inventor Harrison for a small favor: to get her a parcel from a friend's apartment - without telling him what's in it. Suddenly he finds himself assaulted by villains and shortly after even under suspect of murder. The inexperienced P.I. Rachel is hired by an unknown party to rid him of the parcel - but soon befriends him. Together they try to figure out what kind of game is being played.
I remember watching this years ago. It was one of several comedies Michael Keaton made in the 80's, but you can see him beginning to stretch a bit beyond his cornball comedy roles (e.g. Night Shift, Mr. Mom, Gung Ho, Johnny Dangerously). You can just see a hint of the dramatic (and dark) flair he would reveal a few years later in Beetle Juice and Batman.

The movie itself is pretty contrived, although it has a great supporting cast. It was fun to see Meat Loaf (whose character is always sweaty, and carries around a battery-operated fan to keep cool) and John Davidson (who essentially plays...himself!). Sure, its cheesy. Sure, its poorly directed. And sure, its a bad movie. The script could have used more work, and the director could have used a more film classes.

But Michael Keaton kills a man with a giant building shaped cigar lighter and shoots another guy with a flare gun with the aid of a US Battleship anti-aircraft cannon. And he has a Dinosaur made out of TVs in his gigantic warehouse of an apartment. Bad Ass, man. Bad ass.

When you combine Batman with Commando and throw in some Ghostbusters, you get The Squeeze. Okay, thats not even close. How about mixing The Dream Team with Far Out Man and a touch of Hudson Hawk. There you go. thats The Squeeze cocktail i'm talking about.

Seriously, I haven't seen this movie since i was, like, 9, so i really only remember the above-mentioned instances in the film. And the whole lottery scam thing. whatever that was about. i still love this film. it belongs up there with Robot Jox. Yes...Robot Jox.


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