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Original Title: Blade II

Genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller



















































Reapers, a new breed of vampire that feed off humans and vampires, emerge with plans for world domination and Blade must team with the Bloodpack, an elite team of vampire warriors specifically trained to hunt him, in order to defeat this new menace.
Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in order to combat the Reapers, who are feeding on vampires.
Sequels are always tough but I personally love sequels, sometimes even a bad sequel is good just because you missed the characters. Blade 2 brings Wesley Snipes back as a kick-butt action hero who is also part Vampire...how can you go wrong with a story line like that? I will say Blade 2 doesn't touch how good Blade was. Blade was a deep story, packed with action, and depth, and was so fascinating and dark. Blade 2 keeps it's dark appearance which is very good...I would hate to see Blade go soft on us. It's a relief that they also went out of their way to bring back Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) who gives us a anti-hero...something just not right about his character and yet he's like Blade's only weakness because of his love for his mentor and father-figure. In this story, Blade is approached by the Vampires seeking his help this time. Something is hunting the Vampires and ripped them to shreds and in the process creating something worse than a Vampire. They are called Reapers. Blade agrees to join a squad of mercenary Vamp killers who were trained to kill him originally and work with them to rid the world of these Reapers who will eventually turn on humans. Blade still doesn't let his guard down and doesn't trust his new allies. This is the basis of the story. The story is very shallow and could have been written so much better. It had so much potential and I just think they got through it as quickly as possible. Fortunately for them it's action packed, and the fight sequences are still pretty good. But for the most part the savior is Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson returning in their roles. They save the movie they make it worth while because they are just great super hero's. Otherwise the movie is lost in RIDICULOUS special effects, that I could do sitting at home in front of my Desktop computer. The effects are computer generation and they show, you can pin point exactly where the real people end and AI takes over. It's annoying and campy. The music is just absolutely lost in this one. In the original Blade the music is unbelievably complimenting the story line and Blade. It's thumping and exciting and makes you heart race. In this one, the music is barely a part of it. Blade's sudden use of a magical gun that explodes Vampires into little computerized sparkles of dust is just plain stupid. Now can you believe after all those things I just listed that I would still tell you to go see this movie??? As I said, the original characters make it worth while and some of the new Vamps are interesting. I sincerely hope they carry on the Blade franchise but I hope they go back to the original Blade to continue from and not Blade 2. Definately go see it for action and just because Blade rocks but don't be surprised if it's not quite what the first one was. I give it a 7/10
The best of the Blade trilogy no doubt, and one of my personal favorite films of all time!!! If you thought 'Blade" was a decent action flick, "Blade 2" will blow your mind, proving effortlessly that it out does it's predecessor easily. WWWHy? Because one of the greatest directors has taken over: Guillermo del Toro! Guillermo really gives the film the tone the first one lacked, in pretty much every aspect possible. The lighting is more eerie, the villains much more threatening, etc., etc. First off, I love the cast!! Wesley Snipes and Kristofferson both return, both a host of new characters arrive, much more lively and likable ones to add to this. Where as Norman Reedus' performance is top notch and Leonor Varela is sexy as hell, Ron Perlman!!

He steals the show in my opinion with his fantastic performance. It is characters such as the Blood Pack that make this film much more enjoyable than the first. The sense of conflict of Blade working with his own enemies to defeat a bigger threat, while still having its light touches of humor, is great. David Goyer really out did himself here. The art direction is stunning, from The House of Pain to the sewers, everything really sets the mood of the film as a scary-comic book come to life. Luke Goss as Nomak is dope and this time the end fight is truly pulse pounding! The pacing is better and the action seems literally non-stop. Also, we dive deeper into Blade's inner demons as he begins to challenge his hatred of his own kind and the story is simply great here. And the score is even better, this time Marco Beltrami being the composer. Tradgic, emotional, chilling, the score delivers the right tone at the right time. Such as Nomak, as when the audience finds out his true origins, the music is sad and remorseful for him, rejected by his own father.

"Blade 2" is definitely one of my top hero flicks of all time!! Like the original, Blade II has superior production values and visual and special effects. Snipes and Kristofferson build on the resonance of their original portrayals.
Blade IIis based on a vampire hunter featured in Marvel Comics. He was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. Blade's first appearance was in The Tomb of Dracula #10 (July 1973) as a supporting character. The comic book Blade was adapted for the movie by American screenwriter David Goyer. The first Blade movie, Blade (1998), was released in 1998, followed by Blade II. A third sequel, Blade: Trinity (2004) followed in 2004. While it's never explicitly stated, Blade is seen with a large supply of Serum, in much smaller bottles from the first film. The amount of these he has suggests he does not need to increase his dose - Chances are, once she developed this, Karen left - either to return to a normal life or to join another group. There are a number of theories: (1) A line of dialogue from the film explains, "He shot himself and then he turned", as says Rush, the vampire Blade allows to leave as a "loose end" for showing him Whistler; (2) Director Guillermo Del Toro argued that no one saw Whistler shoot himself (in the DVD commentary), so he really didn't die in Del Toro's eyes; and (3) A deleted scene from the original Blade. When Blade and Karen were climbing out into the daylight after Blade had just blown up Deacon Frost, there was a figure in the background that appeared to be Whistler. It was hinting at him returning in a sequel, but the filmmakers decided to leave it out of the film. (Probably because they didn't know if a sequel was to happen yet.)


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