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To say you are a special friend falls short of what I want to say.. You are always there for me.. You make me laugh and always share your feelings and listen to mine .. I need to come up with something inside the card.. Something funny.. Im writing Christmas cards .. Funny Christmas cards - Funny Christmas cards.

Someone knows something funny I could write a card? Thank you.. : Christmas Star with red .. Best answer: a red poinsettia.. I'm so blue.. you.hee because I spend Christmas together! hee! .. Lots of Hanukkah.. This is because of the time .. I do not know what to write in your Christmas cards this year? .. Why not do something different this year.. .. Everyone enjoys a good laugh and a funny greeting card can be.. you too can write a greeting card.

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Do you want to say something sentimental or funny but lack .. Delectable toppings to write something funny Christmas cards is a shame, but I do not miss him.. Nixon sticks forums, unfortunately, I know that myself .. Here are examples of what to write greeting cards.. Links are very much wishes, messages, and sayings.. .. How to write something funny .. Best Answer: There is a birthday card, you could have a puppy like pug wrinkley and write, \\ \\ \\ \"Smile it could be worse! \\ \\ \\\" For Christmas .

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