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Original Title: Relic Hunter

Genge: Fantasy,Mystery,Adventure,Action,Sci-Fi
















































Sydney Fox is a university professor and black belt who globe-trots after lost, stolen and rumored to exist artifacts and antiquities.
Professor Sydney Fox is head of the archeology department at Chicago University. She can inspire her students very well, but is often absent on short notice, unable to resist the call of the field, which is however tolerated because it can pay off big for the university's museum as she's a world-class relic hunter. Her scholarly brilliant English academic assistant, Nigel Bailey, has his reservations about being dragged along all over the world on most of her treasure hunts, but puts up with the risks and inconveniences of the guests out of a sense of duty and because of the appeal the athletic lady adventurer seems to have on most men in the series. The third permanent cast member is their office secretary, during most seasons vain airhead Claudia whose rich father is frightfully well-connected, notably with the chancellor, later the far more competent Karen Petrusky; both usually stay in college, minding things there and doing some research, booking etcetera, but on occasion also get to play a more active part, and in both cases tend to make use of their female charms too. While each episode is a treasure hunt on its own, some other characters recur twice or more, mainly rival relic hunters and/or personal acquaintances, such as Sydney's many former lovers, a secret agent and Nigel's brother.
This is magnificent fairy-tale. Almost everything is perfect:characters ( a strong, beautiful, smart and independent woman and little clumsy, slow, but yet so intelligent and highly capable man - modern people), actions, every episode story and also that cynical humour... But there is one thing, that kind of bothers me - Sidney Fox is just a human, at least I believe she is, but she seems sometimes so cold, too strong and too "I don`t need anyone" kind of person. A little bit of emotions would make her even more hero, that she is.
Relic hunter is hilarious and tottally entertaining. The sexual frustration between sydney and nigel is hilarious and makes it very funny to watch. It may not be a multi million dollar program but it is definately worth seeing. I have spent over a hundred quid on relic hunter DVD's and i will buy more as they come out. top class entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!


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