Nuclear Power Station Creator Download For Pc [key Serial Number]

Nuclear Power Station Creator Download For Pc [key Serial Number]

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About This Game

Travel to Japan of the second half of the 20th century to get first-hand knowledge of how a nuclear power plants works. The entire national network of NPPs is at your disposal, and you have to keep it running, as well as to ensure safety and introduce new technologies. As the city grows, its electricity needs will increase, and therefore the requirements for plants are also constantly increasing.
Your task is to become a leading national atomic energy provider and successfully hold out until the beginning of the 21st century, without going bankrupt or allowing the public confidence in the industry to decline.

Japan is on the threshold of a new stage - an extraordinary economic development is coming. Provide the Land of the Rising Sun with affordable and environmentally friendly energy!

  • build a nuclear power plant in each of the 8 regions of the country;
  • meet the needs of prefectural capitals;
  • improve stations to keep up with the appetites of fast-growing megapolises;
  • build the facilities required for the work, such as cooling towers, substations, additional reactor units, and also increase income;
  • upgrade your reactors by using different elements of construction and finding the optimal balance between price and efficiency.


Title: Nuclear Power Station Creator
Genre: Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 8 Feb, 2019


Game is very very slow ! Nothing to do, not interesting. This game is not even ready for early access, it is virtually unplayable. I intend to keep the game as the genera needs a new game bad. I will update the review once the devs add to the game.. Not quite sure what i expected, but this certainly falls short. UI looks nice, game looks nice, From what i can see there are 2 areas that are unlocked but because of financial constraints no way to build out a plant ( building means clicking buy quite boring)

I'm not going to ask for a refund on game as i have high hopes for a technical enjoyable game...

quite surprised that developer thought it was reasonable to release without a tutorial in game and\/or even a guide here on steam.

edit -

If the developer needed money a kickstarter would have been alot more intellegent then\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665off customers.. There is no game. This should NOT be released yet, not even in Early Access. You literally can't do anything. You can purchase between 1-4 segments of a facility if as long as they don't cost more than 2m as that's the max debt you can have. All upgrade pieces unlock after a minimum of 3000 days each, with a day passing by on fastest speed (which is normal speed as the speed up time buttons don't do anything) once every 3 seconds, so you do the maths on that one. The main menu doesn't work properly, there is no 'continue' button, only 'New game' on every boot up. The actual 'game' UI looks okay so I can see why other reviewers make the point that there's a chance it will be developed into an actual game in the future, but the fact they're charging money for this at this stage when it's totally unplayable is a bad enough decision that I'm refunding.. this game is early access JUST CAME OUT in early access mind you its in a alpha state (different devs release games in different states in early access)

right now (as of February 9th 2019) you can build only 1 power station and upgrading all the components to the first level unless you let the time go by by leaving the game run forever, but yes its possible to build 1 station as i have done so.

time does go by faster when you speed the game up using the button unlike some other guy said

you can adjust sliders at the first place with plants on them to reach a better income

i have got more then 5 dollars worth of enjoyment out of this game but yet again i love sciency and technical type things

definitely an alpha type release

i would 100% definitely would love to see this game come to fruition
. Update mid-March 2019:
The late February 2019 update addressed some of the complaints raised by other reviewers. Now you can save and there\u2019s a tutorial. My original concern of the game not receiving updates was also dampened a bit.
In this version, 1.0.1, saving is possible and the speed buttons work. But maximum speed is about an ingame day per second. Having to wait 40 minutes from starting the game to you can really do something is boring, especially when you can't have the game running in the background. "oh sure, I wasn't going to use my PC anyway" \ud83d\ude44. Also it doesn\u2019t seem like you can build additional NPPs. You can technically build the next NPP, and you can do it almost immediately. But maintenance costs far exceed the income, so building a second NPP will drain your account until it\u2019s game over. Either give us an economy guide or make income and costs more closely match.
It would be nice knowing the maintenance costs of the various buildings, and perhaps be able to have an NPP running under light load without all the buildings.

The updates by the devs seems to focus on specific components of an NPP. While that is all fine and dandy, it doesn\u2019t make the game mechanics work.

Question for the devteam:
* Why do you need to pause the game, when the window loses focus?
* Why is there a graphics setting? The game doesn't run any slower at ultra than at the lowest setting, and I'm on a i5-7200 with the embedded intel GPU.

Original Review mid-February 2019:
Game is not finished, and probably never will be.

I know this is early access and the devs can update the game, I knew all this before purchasing, but I thought maybe some sales could motivate the devs to update the game. I've now had a look at the other titles by this dev and it would seem, based on reviews on the other titles, that releasing unfinished alpha stage games and then moving on is standard operating procedure for playloft. Too bad, because this game really has potential.. i guess i could say its a good game but really nothing to do yet i mean i have fun earning $$ but theres no tutorial and its not really anything yet so i would wait until this game has some more deph into it. but like i said it really could turn into a good game.. Yeah...thats a no from me dawg.

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