Many holiday homes in Majorca already booked for 2018

Mallorca is a wonderful holiday destination for everyone: couples, families, friends. Mallorca offers wide selection of different content and activities that are well suited for everyone’s taste. Adults can enjoy cycling or sailing while children can enjoy the exploration of fantastic lighted caves. Island exploration, various excursions and excellent spending are also the things you can enjoy on this gorgeous Balearic island and with which you are able to fill the time. If you are tired of a beach, you should go on a tour of the mountain range. But of course, all of this comes only once you book your perfect vacation home.

If you decide to stay in the stunning, popular holiday holiday resort of Pollensa, Villa Domingo Petit is the ideal choice. This is the true gem of Pollensa, in a perfect Alcudia, location and between Pollensa. To the famous seaside vacation resort, Puerto Pollensa, you arrive after ten minutes of drive. The original old city of Pollensa is beautiful and you will visit a few of the top restaurants. Villa Domingo Petit is definitely air-conditioned, has two beautiful, spacious rooms, living room and dining room, patio with adjacent barbecue house and private swimming pool. In Pollensa there can be another pearl among villas and vacation homes, villa Ferragut Crestaix for eight people. This villa can be encircled by pine trees and Mediterranean vegetation. Nearby there are the small city of Pobla and the favorite old Roman city of Pollensa. The villa is equipped with modern furniture, it is very comfortable, and the kitchen is adequately equipped for preparing meals, despite the fact that there are great restaurants nearby. The villa also offers probably the most beautiful private pools in Pollensa, which you will surely appreciate in the afternoon sunlight. In the north of Mallorca, in the famous holiday resort Alcudia, there exists a spectacular mansion Home in Heaven. The villa is located in an exclusive area from which you can see the bay of the bay of Pollensa, the mountains and Alcudia. The villa is made on three floors, has 9 areas and 11 bathrooms. On the first floor there is a main apartment which has direct access to the central terrace. Open and indoor pool, spa, wonderful gardens, huge terraces, heliport. In addition to the perfect holiday, in this villa you can organize some essential event, such as for example weddings.

Villa Estila is a phenomenal vacation home situated in Bendinant, probably the most special resorts in Majorca. A beautiful sandy beach is just a few minutes away and Palma is just a few miles apart. The inside and exterior styles are done in a very modern style. It has four bedrooms, a children's room, a completely equipped kitchen and an elegant living room that it directly enters the pool. At only 300 meters to Cala Portals Nous, there is a beach, and near to the famous Marina Puerto Portals in addition to seven golf courses. In case you are more likely to experience the traditional, rural spirit of Spain and Majorca, then for you can be an idyllic holiday home villa Tal Lea. This villa is located on a hill, surrounded by a medieval city of Montuiri. The exterior kept its original design from the 1930s when it had been made and it was perfectly combined with a modern design. The apartments are extremely unique and genuine, and the backyard and a 12-meter long swimming pool will surely delight you.

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