Newcastle lingerie China fans terrified to learn Mike Ashley's Sports Direct has bought lingerie brand Agent Provocateur

We don't normally write stories about high street retailers buying out other high street retailers. However, in the case of Sports Direct purchasing the lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, we're going to make an exception.

Why? Because Newcastle fans are more than a little concerned about how this deal might affect their immediate future.

As most football fans know, Sports Direct is owned by Mike Ashley - the man who also owns Newcastle United FC. That is now the same Mike Ashley who now owns the struggling sexy lingerie retailer. This is Mike Ashley… (Photo: Steve Bardens) …and these are some Agent Provocateur models (Photo: Getty Images)

The billionaire Sports Direct owner has picked up the firm, which has 10 stores in the UK and employs around 600 people, in a 31million pre-pack administration deal.

All very interesting from a business perspective. But from the perspective of Geordies everywhere, there are a series of questions that now need asking… Will there be a new kit? Will there be a new stadium? And will there now be countless opportunities for fans of other clubs to make fun of the Magpies? The mind boggles…

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