Killing Floor - Robot Special Character Pack Directx 9 Download

Killing Floor - Robot Special Character Pack Directx 9 Download

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Following on from releasing Horzine's D. Jeffrey Tamm in an earlier DLC pack, here is one of his key creations from Horzine's Robotics Division: the Domestic Assistance Robot (DAR to its friends) (or "DARling" to Dr. Jeff, but that is another story...). A little damaged, voice systems all shot up and squeaky, leaving a trail of sparks - but quite capable of taking out Zeds!

Key features:

Horzine's Domestic Assistant Robot (or DAR, duh...) is designed to help clean up around the home. But, as well as advanced programming designed for cleaning teenager's bedrooms, "DARling" (as Dr. Tamm keeps referring to it) has somehow downloaded an experimental top secret personality constructed by its creator. Meant for inclusion in his off-the-books Brenda Companion Robot, it’s loaded with all kinds of odd human mating information that doesn’t blend well with the existing core data. DAR now struggles to reconcile its desire to clean up freaks with an equally powerful need to go on a hot date with Dr. Tamm.


Title: Killing Floor - Robot Special Character Pack
Genre: Action
Tripwire Interactive
Tripwire Interactive
Tripwire Interactive
Release Date: 13 Dec, 2012


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: 1.2 GHZ or Equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 64 MB DX9 Compliant
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB free hard drive space
  • Sound: DX 8.1 Compatible Audio


By far one of the more unique skin DLCs in Killing floor, this pack includes its own sounds and model and has the advantage of being cheaper by default then the other skin DLCs. Although you are only getting one character from this which is overpriced like most of the DLC for KF.

The other notable problem with this skin is the fact that the game will not save it as your current skin inbetween games. Meaning that if you want to play as a robot you must select it EVERY single time at the beginning of the match - otherwise you switch to a default skin if you are not quick enough. This problem has never been fixed and is extremely annoying!. Love this bot, I really hope to see it in the next game soon!
. I bought this DLC in '12-'13, about 4-5 years ago as of this review. Since that time DAR has been bugged for myself and many other people and has not received a fix.

See for yourself how many people are having problems: http:\/\/\/app\/1250\/discussions\/search\/?q=DAR<\/a>

Selecting DAR (and other DLC skins) does not save, requiring the user to re-select it for every single game. I've also searched high and low while troubleshooting - Steam forum, Tripwire forum, Google, and Biggun 93's "How to fix technical problems" guide. I've also erased my \/system folder, flushed the Steam config, deleted my Steam .blob files, verified game cache, and even locked my user.ini file to read-only mode. Nothing is working.

Due to this and how long this has been a problem without any work or fix from Tripwire, I can not and will not recommend this DLC to anyone.. beep boop beep *headshot*. D.A.R has a really cool design and an awesome voice, however he doesn't have unquie animations, instead he moves and walks like a human and it looks off.

Overall great skin!. The Domestic Assistance Robot Special Characte...
Killing Floor<\/a> contains one (1) robot. It is a pretty nic...

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