Greater Geelong has a labour force

Growing our economy

The City of Greater Geelong has a labour force of just over 101,000 with 72.5 per cent employed in the following sectors: health care and social assistance, retail trade, manufacturing, education and training, accommodation and food services, construction and public administration and safety. Non domestic building activity continues to increase spurred by significant investment in public buildings, health, industrial and residential projects. Trade through Geelong Port continues to increase and tourism is a strong economic driver with the region continuing to attract an increasing number of visitors.

We are emerging as a leader in several dynamic industries such as knowledge, innovation and research, advanced manufacturing, health, tourism, events, food and horticulture. It is important that we continue to take advantage and attract businesses in these growth sectors.

A strong and developing community in Geelong needs to be underpinned by a strong, diverse and growing economy cartier love replica ring cheap. Council commitment to this for the next four years will see the establishment of Enterprise Geelong a fresh, innovative and focused approach to our region economic development.

Enterprise Geelong is the centrepiece of our efforts to drive a much harder, more targeted and commercially orientated approach to achieve sustainable employment and economic growth. It is showing that Geelong is a do city and that we are a do council building confidence that Geelong is a great place to do business both for those already here and those we seek to attract.

Enterprise Geelong recognises the value of partnerships in promoting investment opportunities and in securing state and federal funding for major regional projects. It also builds on existing alliances in the interests of the region.

Over the life of the current City Plan (2013 2017) we will deliver new initiatives and system changes to address the following five important priorities:

Support existing businesses and encourage new and emerging growth sectors

Facilitate major infrastructure and investment to enable economic growth

A prosperous and innovative Geelong

A successful and vibrant city centre

Greater Geelong is a leading city for tourism, arts, culture and events

Strategies and master plans

Below is a selection of the key strategies, master plans and initiatives that will assist in delivering Growing our Economy priorities:

Armstrong Creek Urban Growth PlanEvery day we are faced with challenges, both global and regional. These challenges impact on our decision making in the immediate and long term. It is important we remain flexible so we can respond to the changing needs of our community as well as making the most of the opportunities that arise.

Some of the challenges facing us in the pursuit of growing our economy include:

The closure of Alcoa and impending closure of Ford.

Gaining government funding for key infrastructure projects.

New economic opportunities through transition to low carbon economy through development of new clean technologies, research and development, manufacturing and new product and service offerings.

Decline in workforce participation as the workforce ages cartier replica ring rose gold.

The increasing impact and cost of meeting regulation and compliance may be inhibiting to innovation.

The challenge that expanding suburban shopping centres has on retail in Central Geelong.

Regional tourism structure review and the impact on Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine

The increasing number of major event applications seeking financial support outweighing available funding.

Priority: Support existing businesses and encourage new and emerging growth sectors

We recognise that traditional industries will continue to be key economic and employment drivers in our city cartier love bracelet replica. At the same time, it is critical to focus on new and emerging growth sectors that will underpin our city prosperity.

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