Explore the Virtual Reality SlotsMillion Casino

Explore the Virtual Reality SlotsMillion Casino
SlotsMillion Casino is boasting with being the first virtual reality online casino for real money. Instead of the normal online gameplay you get to feel like you’re stepping into a live casino.

What’s more is that the SlotsMillion Casino VR/3D application allows you to enjoy more than 40 of their most popular games from your own private casino room. You’ll get to feel like James Bond with the entire casino being open exclusively to you. The first thing you need to do is open the SlotsMillion application and choose your desired configuration. From there you need to login using your User and Password for your SlotsMillion Casino account. If you don’t have an account just yet you can try this virtual casino world by playing as a guest. online gambling directory

Once that’s sorted you can choose your play mode and avatar to play with people from all across the globe. You’ll even get to interact with other players inside the SlotsMillion VR. If you’ve always felt that online casinos were missing social interaction, SlotsMillion Casino is the answer. During your virtual reality experience you can choose between using a game pad or your computer keyboard to move around and select your games. When using your keyboard you can make used of A, S, D and W to walk around. And on the gamepad you can simply navigate your way through the virtual casino using the left controller.

To play any specific game you can simply walk up to the virtual slot or table you wish to play and as soon as it’s highlighted on green press A. You can also switch from one game to another without any hustle by grabbing your tablet. When in the Virtual Reality Casino you will have a regular casino lobby where you’ll be able to find your favourite casino games, your bet history and your account info. There will also be a place to access your withdrawals or make new deposits. Apart from that you’ll have easy access to the latest promotions on offer in the My Promotions zone. The best part is that whenever you’ve been inactive for over an hour you will be disconnected. And if you want to exit yourself all you need to do is press the escape key on your computer.

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