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The team behind the hit party games Fibbage, Quiplash, and YOU DON’T KNOW JACK presents Drawful 2 the game of terrible drawings and hilariously wrong answers! Use your phone or tablet to draw funny and challenging things like “creepy tiger” or “two moms having a great day.”

Players type in what they think the (probably terrible) drawing really is and then everyone - even an audience of potentially thousands of players – votes on what they think is the correct answer.

Drawful 2 is a go-to party game that everyone can play and enjoy!

Drawful 2 includes new features like the ability to add your own user generated prompts to make even weirder games full of in-jokes with your friends, as well as expanded tools for streaming.

Note: Drawful 2 is in English only.
Note: This game is local multiplayer, but can be enjoyed over streams with remote players. b4d347fde0

Title: Drawful 2
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Jackbox Games, Inc.
Jackbox Games, Inc.
Release Date: 20 Jun, 2016


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I've played a lot of party games in my life, but nothing is quite like Drawful 2. Drawful 2 is a 3 – 8 player pictionary-like party game using your phone or tablet. I bought this game because I saw a few of my favourite Let's Players play it, and I always have friends over so why not have an engaging game around.

The game itself is very straight forward: sign in on your phone or tablet, join a room, draw what you are given (my personal favourite so far has been 'what jazz feels like'), and then guess what the other players drew. You win by having the most votes. You go through a few rounds and I can guarantee there is at least one good laugh you'll get out of it. Speaking as someone who uses this game solely for parties and get togethers, it's worth having around for the price. The animations, music and announcer are all great, they all mesh together quite well.

The one downside is that it isn't too much fun if you play with 3 in my experience, this game is a 4 person minimum in my opinion. 9/10~!. Very fun and easy to set up. Even the skeptical / reluctant to play people at our party ended up having a blast.

Negative is that sometimes the servers I guess are overloaded or something and makes playing impossible.. This is a great party game. The more players you have the more hilarious it gets.. Bought this game for my kids, great as a multiplayer game for family get togethers.. great game for twitch streams. I'll keep this brief: Custom prompts, two colors, and audience participation make this the definitive version of one of Jackbox's greatest works. Do you have a smartphone/tablet? Do you have local friends, online friends you can screen-share with via Discord or Skype, or a Twitch stream? Do you have the drawing skills of at least a kindergartner? You're golden.. Great party game!
Maintains replayability while staying nice and simple.
Endless hours of fun with friends!

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