clear about what are organized stalking

Evidence of mind control abuses and tortures

Weshould urge government start investigating the abuse and torture of remote electromagnetic mind control technologies fromcases which have strong evidences. If government start investigating few cases which have strong evidences, all victims will see the hope that their cases would be investigated soon.

My case have strong fact and evidence, we encourage all victims to collect strong facts and evidences. If you have strong facts and evidences, please leave an comments to this discussion.

I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong KongPsychiatrists are crystal clear about what are organized stalking and non lethal weapons all about.

An invisible crime, committed at the speed of light

When a person is shot with a gun, there are mountains of evidence left behind:

the bullet, enabling investigators to narrow down the search for the weapon considerably;

evidence placing the victim at a specific location when he was shot blood droplets, footprints, and clothing fibers;

ballistic evidence, allowing the bullet to be traced back to its source with some reliability;

evidence left on the bullet itself barrel markings, DNA of the suspect, and the suspect's fingerprints (even if they've been wiped off1);

a loud noise cartier style replica ring, alerting bystanders that a crime has been committed, in real time;

and more, depending on the circumstances.

However, let's suppose a person is attacked electromagnetically. What evidence is left behind?

The target's uncorroborated account of the sensations he felt.

The attack itself is completely silent and invisible. The attacker could be miles away.2 The equipment used is unknown, and effectively untraceable. There might be no visible or identifiable marks on the victim, as emerging nonlethal weapon (NLW) technologies are intended to inflict intolerable pain on a target, rather than damage him rose gold fake cartier love ring.3

How helpful are statements from the alleged developers or possessors of electronic harassment technology?

A patent only proves that someone is interested in developing the capabilities described in the patent imitation love bracelet. Without a working model, it doesn't prove that the device described actually does what is claimed.

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