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Most couture shows end with a bride, but Fall ’17 marked Bertrand Guyon’s first foray
into wedding dresses christmas costume since he took the reins at Schiaparelli in 2015. “At Schiaparelli,
our bridal projects are always a special experience, so showing them in this haute couture
collection felt right,” he tells Vogue. “Our clients want a unique dress for their big

“Unique” is a good way to describe his version of bridal fare, particularly the show’s
last two dresses, which were an ode to Elsa. The finale dress, a balletic tulle mini, was
backed with a frothy heart-shaped cape in a dégradé of pale blue and white. Those in the
know will recall longgown dress that hearts, particularly pierced hearts, were one of Elsa’s signatures.
That angelic cape required a whopping 100 meters of tulle and three seamstresses, who spent
150 hours hand-ruching each layer.

Look 35’s long, sheer tulle gown nodded to Elsa as well: It had a glittering sea horse
brooch (perhaps a riff on her famous lobster motif?) and was cinched with a trompe l’oeil
belt covered in 53,000 hand-stitched paillettes. “My idea was of a nonconventional corset skirts sets bride
in the spirit of Elsa Schiaparelli,” Guyon says. “I wanted to play with sheer fabrics and
a daring, yet controlled, sensuality. The whole inspiration came from these nonconventional
women of the interwar period—the muses, artists, painters, writers, and artists’
partners,” he continues. “They [projected] femininity, an independent mind-set, and
fragility underbust corset mixed with confidence.”

Above, see the making of both wedding gowns, plus more behind-the-scenes photos from the
Schiaparelli atelier.

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