How to Identify a Fake Watch

Do your research. Comb through online auction result databases to learn information about the watch you want to purchase fake cartier ring. On these databases, you can see photos of designer watches and the prices they sold for.[5] Similarly, do research on the manufacturer and become familiar with the brand trademarks, common bracelet details, and the clasp.[6] If you know what to look for, you'll be harder to fool.

For example, with the exception of a rare model made in the 1930's, Rolex watches don't have glass backs. Instead, they have a metal backing.[7]

Examine the face of the watch. Genuine designer watches use precious minerals such as sapphire to cover the face of the watch. Cheaper watches use mineral crystals instead best replica cartier love bracelet reviews. To see what kind of mineral your watch was made with, turn the watch on its side and examine the color filtering through the clear casing.

If the watch was made with sapphire, it will have a violet tint. This can indicate that the watch is genuine.

If the watch was made with mineral crystals, it will have a green tint. This is a sign that the watch is fake.

Visit an appraiser. If you're worried that the deal you're getting is too good to be true, take the watch to a professional appraiser before buying it. If the seller is being honest with you, they will have no problem letting you get the watch appraised. To find an appraiser in your area, do an online search or talk to a fine watch distributor.[10]

Ask the appraiser to determine whether or not the designer watch is real. If they say it's real, have the appraiser walk you through their reasons for believing so cartier love ring replica real gold.

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