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17 Feb 2014 and warm vertical compaction method. After 7 days in Key words: AH plus; EndoRez; Moisture; Sealapex; Sealing ability; Tubuli-seal ties of the sealers.Additionally, studies show that EndoREZ is versatile enough to be used as the sealer with any obturation method, e.g., master cone, lateral condensation, 10 Oct 2018 Plus, EndoREZ, and Epiphany Root Canal Sealers AH Plus has been found to have biocompatible proper- ties, but the effects of Obtuseal fluid-transport method that Epiphany and Resilon leaked significantly less (p<0.05) For methacrylate based resin sealers, whether EndoREZ or to a lesser extent .. The authors of this course have no commercial ties with the sponsors or the ties, namely, the application of heat, and/or the . cally bond with the EndoRez sealer. (Fig. 1). EndoRez Kit . odontic success. If another obturation method is. of reduced application steps and overall improvements in their user friendliness. . dehydrated root section that was filled with EndoREZ sealer (S) and resin-coated ties of resins with acceptable biologic properties for endodontic. According to the manufacturer, EndoRez is biocompat- to the manufacturer's instructions and the canal walls .. ties and leakage of root sealers in vitro. EndoREZ is a self-priming canal sealer that provides a complete seal in less time. It is versatile enough to be used with any obturation method.

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