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Automatic Voltage Protection Design: When AE9000's battery runs out and turns off automatically, it may enter into Low Voltage Protection status.If you find it can not charge with 15V/1.4A power My Echo Charger gave up so I replaced it with a Magnum Battery Combiner from a Marine store. I think the echo charger charges the alternate battery at about 15 amps and the Magnum charges a little higher but neither of them charge at the full rate of the primary charger. echo 100 and echo 150 Owner's Manual 5 Using the echo 100 and echo 150 adjusting the Zoom on the Sonar Screen automatically You can adjust the zoom of the Sonar screen by selecting the span of the view and locking the screen to the contour of the water bottom. For example, if you select a span of 10 meters, the device will display an area Description. Xantrex Heart Echo Charger 82-0123-01. Xantrex Heart Echo Charger 82-0123-01 Owners Manual. Convenient Dual Battery Bank Charging. Xantrex Heart Charger 82-0123-01 is designed to charge auxiliary or starting batteries from an inverter/charger or other charging source with limited voltage drop. ECO CHARGE MODE. The TOSHIBA Eco Charge Mode increases the battery life cycles by not charging to full capacity. This mode is recommended for users who most often use the PC with the AC adapter. The battery life per full charge is shorter in this mode. I've seen the Xantrex Echo-Charge battery charger device highly recommended on this site as an alternative to a battery combiner relay. I have several questions about them: 1) The manual for the echo-charger says it has a no-load current draw of 50 milliamps (as opposed to 12 milliamps for the Blue Sea combiner relay). You should freshen up new batteries with the Eco Charger after relatively short use. This will maintain the capacity of new batteries for longer. What the Eco Charger can't do: It can't revive old batteries or near-dead batteries. These are definitely finished. We suggest: Start with new batter

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