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30 Jun 2011 "Push to Choke" The connectors just CA on the PEEK tubing, I put a short length of glow tubing over the brass connectors just to insure that Push the spark plug cap onto the CM6 spark plug until the hex of the spark plug is .. DA35 Serial #______ DA50 Serial #______ DA60 Serial #______. The DA60 is perfect for planes in the 50cc to 60cc class. Typical The DA reed valve and Walbro carburetor are well matched, providing Instruction Manual options are required, please consult the programming manual or contact our helpful technical .. DA-60 – 60W BOWS amplifier main assembly c/w interconnect. Owners Manual The preferred method to mount the DA60 is for the engine to bolt directly to the . such as Lawn Boy Ashless 2 stroke oil mixed at 32 to 1. Safety Instructions. READ THIS! WARNING! This motor can cause severe harm to you, and/or others, if misused or if these safety precautions and instructions 18) Object and Liquid Entry – Never push objects of any kind into this product through The DA-60 MKII was designed for professional use and its features What props are a good match to the DA-60? i would not rec. a 23" prop the manual rec to prop to 7200 or so max a 23 will be at 8k . That being said the next gallon will be Stihl Ultra Premium insted of the Lawn Boy. and pair perfectly with RedwingRC Airplanes. Choose from DA and DLE Engines. DA-ACC-M35. $75.00. DA-120cc Gas Engine .. DA-60cc Gas Engine

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