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Go Northwards, to Bestial Vale (the red marker above) and deal with the first group of BAMs that you encounter there (Basilisk). After you kill one of them, you will 1 Sep 2018 Hello stranger, Note: I've updated the guide after patch 79 (22.01.2019) despite TERA EU Support refusing to give the community information BAM is an acronym for big ass monster. These monsters are typically also labelled as "Party Monsters" and differ from Normal Monsters in that they have a 22 Jul 2015 We continue our TERA leveling guide looking at levels 30 to 50. But, in my opinion, unless you can down a BAM right for your level within 20/22 - 60 = dungeons and kumas royale, either grind BAM's or do the red Ps. There was never a challenge to leveling up in Tera.. at all. 13 Feb 2013 BAMs (Big Ass Monsters) are one of the many unique features Tera has to offer to its players. They are, like their name says, big monsters that December 2017 in TERA PC - Player Guides & Help. Hello, Level 12-20: BAMs outside HW (I don't but it would be faster) Level 20-56: This is a leveling guide recommended for players looking to level quickly. it is recommended to focus on killing BAMs while queued for IMS dungeons, instead 19 Jan 2016 We continue our TERA leveling guide with a look at levels 50-65. BAMs still give a lot of XP, but I still find them to be counterproductive due to11 Jul 2014


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