Someone took to Reddit to ask users the horrible question we always get asked and there have been over 1,600 comments posted on the thread

A job hunter known as humansof took toReddit to pose the horrible question to see how other people had answered and was soon inundated with responses.

Among the 1,600 comments were people's own solutions to a question that requires an example that makes you look confident but not arrogant as well as honest, but not too honest that they don't want to hire you.

One Redditer maybe took the humour a little too far by simply saying 'Those eyes of yours.'

If you want to add a little humour to your interview, which can ultimately be risky, try following jumper34017's advice.

They say: 'Remain silent, and pull an index card out of your pocket that says "I over prepare".'

Skeetball agreed and replied saying: 'Making the interviewer laugh probably doubles your chances of being hired.'

Another Redditer also used humour to win over the interviewers, saying: 'I had one laugh with the response, "my biggest weakness is not fully knowing my weaknesses all the time".

'Give a skills based "weakness" that you can take action to improve upon in the near future.

'Something like "I'm not too familiar with excel at the moment, but I'm planning on taking classes this coming month". Make sure you provide a remedy to the weakness.'

TheNoveltyAccountant recounted a story about a man that was far too honest in his answer: 'I had a man answer with "women" then proceed to tell me he got caught cheating by his wife.

The most sensible answer came from one Redditer who advised people to say 'I'm overly critical of my work' which 'gives off the impression you're a hard worker, doesn't affect anyone else or your ability to do the job, and makes it seem like you actually care about what you do'

When asked what their biggest weakness was, one person simply replied saying 'Food' and got the job.

Another agreed saying:'This is obviously the only way to answer.'

MM_OSHAUGHNESSY said: 'I've always replied with 'I have a hard time choosing between two good decisions.'

'This usually sets them up to ask how you combat this, in which I reply with something along the lines of how I weigh the pros/cons of each choice and then choose the option with the most pros and longer term benefits.'

xoxsarebear shared her clever way around the trick question, advising people to say:'I'm overly critical of my work.'

This, she says, 'gives off the impression you're a hard worker, doesn't affect anyone else or your ability to do the job, and makes it seem like you actually care about what you do.'

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