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FEATURED ARTICLES ABOUT SAPPHIRE PAGE 4TRAVELING in style : The SPIRIT OF THE EAST : Malaysia and beyond: Instant tropics. Instant poetry. And all the cliches palm fringed beaches, sapphire seas, plus exotic, exciting cities in which yesterday and today intermingle.

March 18, 1990 GEORGIA I.

I should like to rise and go Where the golden apples grow; Where below another sky Parrot islands anchored lie . . . Robert Louis Stevenson THAT POEM OUT OF CHILDHOOD swirled into mind when I first saw Malaysia, slipping down from the sky upon the island of Penang. Instant tropics; instant poetry; all the cliches of palm fringed beaches, sapphire seas, and the natives are friendly: I fell in love.

'Mud' starring Matthew McConaughey is pleasing

August 4, 2013 By Noel Murray

Mud Lionsgate, $19.98; Blu ray, $24.99 Available on VOD beginning Aug. Like Nichols' "Shotgun Stories" and "Take Shelter," "Mud" is about the stress of family obligations and the quirks of lives lived well outside the big city.'Up in the Air' has first class cast

March 12, 2010 By Noel Murray

Up in the Air Paramount, $29.98; Blu ray, $39.99 George Clooney gives one of his best performances in Jason Reitman's adaptation of Walter Kirn's novel "Up in the Air," playing a corporate hatchet man who tries to think more about his travel perks than the people he's being paid to fire. Vera Farmiga is equally excellent as the hero's frequent bedmate, while Anna Kendrick is a revelation as a protge who resists his worldview while acknowledging its attractions. Reitman telegraphs too much of what he wants the audience to understand about Clooney's character and the life he leads, but "Up in the Air" is amusing and moving enough to overcome any patness.


Beverly Hills Madam Gets Back Some of Her Stolen Jewelry : Theft: Police were skeptical at first about how the diamonds and sapphires were taken. But one man is convicted and another is at large. But part of the Beverly Hills Madam's nest egg has been recovered at last, four months after its mysterious theft. Elizabeth (Madam Alex) Adams the onetime grand dame of high priced prostitution in Los Angeles said police last week returned what is left of a cache of jewels she had been banking on for her retirement gold cartier bangle replica. Stolen from the mirrored Bel Air bathroom of Adams' close friend, Hollywood scion David Niven Jr.


Royce Hall's quest for a big sounding piano ends on a high note

December 18, 2012 By Martha Groves, Los Angeles Times

Hours before showtime at UCLA's Royce Hall, Teri Meredyth leaned into a new Steinway Sons concert grand piano. Behind her, stagehands hammered together a stage extension. In front, workers shoved into place wooden panels for a backdrop. Stage left, an electrician shouted to a colleague aiming spotlights. Meredyth, the hall's longtime piano technician cartier gold bracelet men replica, pounded the keys of the 9 foot long grand, listening for off kilter harmonics. She tweaked tuning pins and pricked felt hammers with a needle to soften them and thus warm the tone that would be produced when they hit the strings.


Riverside County : Orange County : MONARCH BEACH: Latest release of 96 unit Tennis Villas at Monarch Beach by D. T. Smith Inc. at 5 Wimbledon Court, reached from Niguel Road off Coast Highway. Monday at 27762 Pebble Beach, reached from eastbound Alicia Parkway exit of San Diego (5) Freeway. : S.

The gig : Chief executive of Sapphire Energy Inc., a San Diego biofuels company that develops algae based fuel that has been used experimentally to power airplanes and, recently, a car that was driven across the country. The serial entrepreneur has had a hand in starting several companies in industries including medical engineering and biotechnology ring replica cartier. Sapphire hopes to produce 1 million gallons of algae diesel and jet fuel each year in the next two years, and up to a massive 1 billion gallons of fuel a year by 2025.

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