Bell Ross shows its feminine side with a new watch range Bell Rossis the same; when it launched in 2005 it was definitely one for the boys cartier love bracelet fake. The BR01 was big, bold and bristling with military muscle; 46mm of ceramic watch, it borrowed its aesthetics directly from the cockpit. The brand's four design principles (visibility, functionality, water resistance and precision) could not be more focused away from the female market.But in 2008 the house had a stab at it launching the 39mm square ceramic BR S, in black or white, with or without diamonds, before it quietly faded from view, a classic case of the "pink and shrink" syndrome that befalls so many ladies' lines.Thankfully the brand has decided to have another go at it, and this time it feels considered and thought out and smart (incidentally the "S" in BR S stands for "Smaller and Sleeker and Smarter", which leads me to think the men are big, scruffy and stupid). The original 2008 BR S Ceramic collection has been tweaked. The case shape and size remains the same, but the ceramic is harder and more resistant (borrowed from military aviation of course) and polished to a dazzlingly high sheen. The indexes are appliqued to the dial (a much more elegant method than piercing or printing on the face), a small date window has been added, and, hallelujah, the rubber strap is gone, replaced with a pretty strip of satin or ceramic link bracelet.Two new models have also joined the collection the BR S Camouflage, a pair of watches (one diamond set and one not) that feel entirely on brand but also current and feminine. The 39mm steel case is knocked back with some satin polishing but tiny details are left shiny, like the chamfered edges of the bezel and the four screws that sit in each corner. The crown is engineered as smooth rather than the highly tooled versions on the men's models.The gem set version has 66 diamonds on the bezel and both have a grey satin strap, a perfect muted luxury that so many brands get wrong. But the real triumph lies in the dial, a sliver of mother of pearl that is screen printed on the back with a soft grey/green camouflage pattern, its translucent quality allowing the design to shine through

cartier necklace replica. All BR S models are quartz (the obvious next step is to produce a mechanical version), which may not satisfy purists but keeps the proposition thin, practical and competitive.Bell Ross is treading a fine line here between its resolutely masculine DNA and a stereotypically feminine aesthetic, and it is definitely helped by the current vogue for borrowing masculine design codes replica cartier love ring gold. However this watch feels considered and tailored not an afterthought and surely bodes well for future in roads into the market.

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