Brief Introduction to China Cable Tie

Nylon cable tie is a tie to bundle things and twist ties. China Double Head Cable Tie is used for electrical cable bundling. It is also known as many names. There are zip tie, nylon cable tie, PA made cable tie. And the cable tie price of suppliers wholesale is very nice.

And there are other plastic product, such as tie mounts, hose tie, tie wraps, tie zap straps. China cable tie is nylon 66 cable tie. It is divided into: self-locking nylon cable tie zip, double head cable tie, beaded cable tie, releasable cable tie, mark cable tie, and so on.

The mold of China cable tie nylon cable tie is not difficult. It is design manufacturing. And the injection of the China cable tie is also simple. But it also requires high for superior quality.

Nylon cable tie is made of UL approved PA. It is a kind of plastic material Nylon 66. This material is UL approved. It has 94 V-2 flame resistant level.China cable tie zip tie has good acid resistance. It owns high corrosion resistance. Besides, it has good insulation.We HONT offers Yueqing cable accessories. We have many free samples paid samples.

We can find it widely used in electronic factories, TV sets, computers. And many other places, such as internal connection lines, lighting, motors, electronic toys, electrical electronics.China cable tie is applied in cable and wiring accessories. And locking cable tie is used in oil pipeline fixing, ship cable line fixing. And the bicycle vehicle packaging or bundling other objects will need its help.

It can also be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicraft and other bundling items. China cable tie has the characteristics of fast binding. It is good at the function of insulation. At the same time, it is self-locking. Moreover, it is easy to use. There are also UV black color.

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